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Thursday, October 19, 2017

ASAA Partners with Achievement, Platform for Clinical Recruitment and Healthy Actions

evidation achievement asaa american sleep apnea association

Let's Get Healthy!

In 2017, the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) entered into a valuable new partnership with Achievement, an online platform that rewards users for healthy actions.

One of Achievement's most important functions is to promote clinical research participation opportunities for users.

Earlier this year, they featured ASAA's SleepHealth Mobile App Study, which resulted in 1100 new enrolled participants.

(You can learn more about our successful SleepHealth App here.)

How Achievement directly benefits you, the user

What may be even more interesting to program participants is that Achievement rewards their users—with cash!—for taking healthy actions.

Now you can get paid for your healthy actions. If you're already tracking your sleep activity, you can now get paid to do so.

What is a healthy action? These include participating in clinical studies (like the SleepHealth App) and using connecting apps to track certain information about your day-to-day health, such as sleep quantity and quality.

The Achievement program also rewards participants who track more than just their sleep, such as those who use fitness trackers or who track their heart rate.

If you're a health data buff and use tracking wearables and apps to keep you on track for good health, you will want to participate in this program.

Sign up for Achievement today!

Why? Because the ASAA shares the Achievement platform's mission: to help you improve your health. And because, quite frankly, you get to benefit directly by participating!

To show they are serious about rewarding people for taking their sleep health seriously through healthy actions, the folks at Achievement have decided to make a donation to the ASAA for every person who signs up for their platform!

asaa american sleep apnea association evidation achievement sleep tracking sleephealth app

Check out the details at! 

Please take a moment to sign up at Achievement. It's not only an important research recruitment tool, but a fun and easy way to track and improve your sleep (and wake) health!

Sign up now and Achievement will make a donation to ASAA in your honor. If you aren't already using our SleepHealth Mobile App Study, you can do so, free, here at the iTunes store.

achievement evidation sleephealth app asaa american sleep apnea association cash for healthy actions

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