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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

This year marks our 5th annual Sleeptember, and we are rolling out the biggest event we’ve ever had in the month of September.

Come on the journey this month with

We have launched our new AWAKETOGETHER Survey, following up on topics of interest we discovered through last year’s survey.  We’re taking a deeper dive into patient’s experiences with sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, symptom improvement, the healthcare system, and more. Raise your voice for better treatment and care by taking this 15-minute survey.
Our AWAKETOGETHER Summit taking place in the Presidio of San Francisco on #91919 is the highlight of this month’s activities.  Join us on Sept 19th, in-person or via webcast, to explore cutting-edge topics in sleep apnea.  To attend in-person or online, please register here.
Our “Portraits of Sleep Apnea” series will continue this year.  In addition to patients like you, we have included the stories of healthcare professionals dedicated to bringing sleep health to the forefront of the conversation. Check out the videos on YT here.
Get the support and help you need… online! The AWAKE Sleep Health Facebook Group  and our Sleep Health Forum are filled with people just like you - looking for help to get the quality sleep we all deserve.  Get active this Sleeptember and reach out to the community for advice or tips.  Or if you’re a seasoned CPAPer, pay it forward by sharing your knowledge.
Our programs and events would not be able to take place without the generosity of our supporters. Click here to make a donation towards the Sleeptember 2019 campaign to keep these community-based initiatives running. 

We can’t wait to see you in Sleeptember – keep an eye out on our social media channels for other events and videos – until then, have a great night’s sleep!


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